What we’ve been up to lately

What we've been up to lately

It’s been a few weeks with no posts – eeek! I have so much going on and haven’t had time to put in here. We all know how it goes, life happens. So, let’s start with the fun stuff…

I had my gender reveal party! It was an absolute blast and I’m excited to post pics and the gender here pretty soon.

My house got listed for sale! It was a LOT of work getting our house ready and I will be posting about that, the process and of course the pretty pictures that I now have of my house.

I’ve started watching a little girl a few days a week to help out a friend who just got promoted and needs to go into the office more often now. It’s been great to have someone around McKenna’s age on a more regular basis to help McKenna get used to the idea of a new little sibling coming soon. She has never been the jealous type and has always shared really well… until the last few months. HA! I have some thoughts on this that I will share more of later.

This pregnancy has been all kinds of rough. I’ve gotten sick a lot, dehydrated several times and so worn down that I couldn’t do much more than sit on the couch and watch McKenna play. Things are going a little better now but I know I need to be much more careful about taking care of myself FIRST.

I missed capturing my thoughts and feelings here so I’m glad to be back!

sig a go

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