To Preschool or not to Preschool

to preschool or not to preschool

That is is the question. There is a lot of discussion about Preschool when kiddos are around McKenna’s current age (2.5). On top of that we are in a Mommy Group where the kids are all about a year or so older than her, so it’s been a topic for quite some time! I have thought long and hard about whether I should put McKenna in Preschool. There are some definite reasons why Preschool is a big help. Here are the main 3 that I have kept in mind:

1. It helps children to learn their basics ahead of the game (obviously).

2. It teaches children how to  be in social situations.

3. It creates a setting early on for how to listen to directions, especially to someone other than the child’s parents.

As I consider these and have tried to think of more reasons (besides just being fun) that Preschool would help McKenna, I just can’t think of a reason to put her in. The truth is, McKenna is a smart cookie. I have gotten very lucky with her, in that I teach her something and she usually picks it up pretty quickly. Well, except for counting, ha! But that’s a story for another time.

McKenna has had the opportunity to be around a lot of children. We have our Mommy group (which has been great for her to get to know other children), we have close friends and we have cousins! When I worked she went to an Aunt’s house every day and got to spend that time with 3 of her cousins most days and 5 of them on others! Now, I watch two of her cousins once a week and she gets that time with them.

Because she has had the chance to be watched over by her Aunt and she is super comfortable with about 10 other adults watching her, I know that she listens well to other adults giving instruction.

As of right now I’ve decided not to put her in Preschool unless I see other benefits. To be honest, we almost were a part of a Preschool Co-op this summer that we were really excited about, but it was way different than most. It fell through but I’m open to other opportunities to help McKenna learn if it’s a fit for us. For now I’m happy teaching her myself and sometimes a friend or two as well!

What is your stance on Preschool? Are there other reasons I should consider putting McKenna in Preschool?

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