DIY I'd like to try

Back to routine – DIY I’d like to try

I, for one,  am very excited to get back to a routine. I missed regular workouts. I missed kiddos who are more content. And I missed DIY and crafting. We did our fair share of kid related DIY throughout the summer. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fun. It really is. But know I thought I’d spend a little time dreaming up some DIY that is a little more fun for me!

School is starting back up here in Arizona. I know some of my nieces have already gone back and M started back on August 9th! I’ve mentioned it before but summer is hard for us. It’s a combination of the intense AZ heat and the lack of routine that get us down. We enjoyed having regular playdates with friends this summer but we are even more excited for school! First few weeks are done and everyone is happier.


Home DIY’s
























Rainbow curtains DIY























Rainbow wall hanging
























I’m very slowly working on fixing up my girls room in a rainbow theme. Here is some of the inspiration that I’m pulling from. Although I don’t like to copy someone else’s DIY exactly it does help to get those creative juices flowing! M has been asking for a growth chart for about a year, so I think it’s time I finally got that going :-/

DIY’s for me
























leather and bead bracelet













































There are so many amazing accessory DIY’s out there right now! My budget for accessories is nil but since I’m a crafty one I’ve got a lot of materials to work with and can make my own! I plan on making a couple of different pieces of jewelry soon as they are quick and fulfilling. These are just a few that are inspiring me currently.