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Motivational Monday – Goal it up

I absolutely agree with Joe on this one! If your dreams/goals aren’t big enough to just scare you a bit then you aren’t doing it right. But even more important than pulling you from your comfort zone is to be ecstatic about working towards those goals. What is the point of having a goal if not for this purpose?


Goal Printable with birds 8x10


Downloads: 5X7 printable  8.5×11 printable   8×10 printable

I created three different sizes for this printable. The 5×7 and the 8×10 are standard frame sizes in case you want to frame this. OR if you would like to have the printable take up the entire page you can print it as 8.5×11. If you do the 5×7 or 8×10 size you will need to trim the printable down in size after you’ve printed it. I recommend printing this on a heavy weight card stock for best results.

Enjoy your Monday!

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Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy!

My mom taught me from the very young age that happiness is a choice. This can be a little controversial considering depression doesn’t feel like a choice. I’m not going to get into that part of things. I believe that each individual has their own experiences. For me, I’ve had moments, days, and even years where I’ve struggled with depression. I’ve also had periods of time where I’ve maintained pretty well. On the whole, I am actually a very happy person. There are a lot of people that I interact with that have no clue that I have struggled with depression. It isn’t always an obvious thing that people put out there.

The main thing that I’ve learned through my experiences is that I cannot wait for someone else to “make” me happy. There have been some really tough times that I’ve pulled myself out of. I have tried many medications in different dosages trying to level things out. I have made some big life choices in some cases to increase my joy. These are dramatic changes but it’s really the small things that make the biggest difference. Waking up every day with a plan of action, and choosing to be happy. Sometimes shit happens, right? When it does, I turn it around by acting silly with my daughter, turning up the music, maybe getting a treat or taking a quick moment to meditate and remember what I’m grateful for.

If you want a reminder to choose happiness I made up a few printables that you can download below!


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On getting back up

It’s been a rough couple of weeks around these parts. Some of it was a good thing but some of it has been really chaotic and stressful. I was MIA all last week from here for a couple of reasons.

This pregnancy is kicking my butt. I’m so tired all the time but I’m pushing myself to get the things done that I need to every day.

A big portion of our roof came flying off during a monsoon storm about a week and a half ago. I am still dealing with roofers to get quotes and the insurance adjuster who doesn’t seem to want to give me the money that it will cost to get the roof repaired.

We’ve had some money stresses – ’nuff said.

This is a fun one… We just decided that we are going to sell our house! We tried last year but it didn’t work out so we are at it again and I have a good feeling about it. Although, I’m trying not to get my hopes up. We will be renting a home after we sell this home for a year or so and I’m a little excited for it. I haven’t really rented besides when I was in college and have been a home owner since 2006 so this will be new for me. I was talking to a good friend of mine who has been renting for awhile and she agreed to write a post on the pros and cons of renting! I’m excited because it’s in the forefront of my mind right now for sure.

Now just because things have been rough doesn’t mean I’m giving up here! This is where I get to let my voice ring true and I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

I made up this printable if you need a reminder like I do to keep getting back up!

Vince Lombardi quote

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I used to be a nerd

Did I say “used to be”? Ok so maybe I’m still a nerd, but I’ve evolved a bit. The nerdiness that I’m talking about today is all about quotes. Please don’t judge me.  😊 When I was about eleven years old I became fascinated with quotes. I loved how I could find words poetically penned that held meaning to me and obviously had done the same for others. It bonded me to them. I collected quotes while other girls my age collected lip gloss (don’t worry that caught up with me). I wrote my quotes down on index cards. Which I then alphabetically ordered by the quotes subject. See?! #totalnerd.

Nowadays I don’t keep my quotes filed. Well, not exactly. I use Pinterest and it’s there for me when I need a little inspiration in my day. Sometimes I just need to read through a few and I feel better. Other times I need to be reminded constantly so I put it on tech wallpapers, print it out and sometimes I even set an alarm that reminds me to get my quote on.

This is one of the many ways that I’ve learned to manage my stress and depression. Depression and anxiety are no joke folks. It’s hard and it’s real but I can take control of a lot of it on my own by choosing what I’m gonna focus on.

All this to say that I’m going to be sharing quotes with you guys once a week. When I can I will offer it as a printable.

As shown above, today’s quote is:

“This is the beginning, of anything you want.”

It comes from song lyrics, the song of which I had never heard until today! I was researching where it came from and I found the song – it is BEAUTIFUL! Take some time and listen to it.
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