Summer Learning – Ocean Playdate

Our second learning playdate this summer was hosted by a good friend. Her son has been very into the ocean so she decided to go all out with the ocean playdate theme this time around. There’s something about a good theme that really gets me excited! She did a phenomenal job putting it all together and the kiddos had a blast. We had so much fun at this ocean playdate! We enjoyed sensory play, lots of arts and crafts, a little math and topped it off with some yummy ocean snacks!


As people started arriving we had ocean slime to play with. The kiddos enjoyed squishing, stamping and stretching the slime. There were even little gummy ocean animals to play with along side the slime.











































There were two math activities, one was a graphing sheet and the other was ocean animal tangrams! These littles are just started to become interested in math so it’s fun to see them light up when we connect the dots.






















 Graph Printable Source



There were THREE craft projects that we did as well. Crafts are always a winner with these kiddos. The first craft we started out with a piece of aluminum foil for each kids’ canvas. They placed ocean themed stickers down and then painted blue over it for the ocean. The second was a neat dancing jelly fish where they got to do a lot of gluing and then enjoyed making their jelly fish dance in the ocean! The third craft was creating sea creatures from a neat set of stickers. This might have been the favorite.











































Sea Life Sticker Source


Peanut Butter and Jellyfish By: Jarrett J Krosoczka























Fish Eyes: A book you can count on By: Lois Ehlert

Fish Eyes















An ocean playdate wouldn’t be complete without a few snacks! We enjoyed little bags of goldfish as well as ocean jello! Look how cute it turned out!

Ocean Jello
























I hope that you get a chance to have an ocean playdate as well, it was so much fun! Hopefully the next playdate will better represented with pics from my new camera!


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