i try to…

This is my little space where I can DIY, and sometimes try and fail to DIY within a safe space… Ok so maybe the internet isn’t the place for safety, but it feels safe to me.  🙂


I have a lot of things that I want to do, and sometimes it’s a little scary for me to put myself out there and try something new. But my heart hurts when I’m not throwing myself at something new and adventurous. SO here I am!


Some of the things I want to try on here (at the moment at least lol) are:

maintaining my family – I’m always trying to work on organization, keeping my toddler busy, and making my life a little easier.

nesting – I love making my house comfortable and warm

feeding my fam- We all love to eat…but I love to eat, and I don’t love to cook. Soooo I have some work to do there.

making stuff – This is my most natural comfort zone. I love me some crafty things in my life.

being thrifty – Sometimes I’m good at this, and sometimes I’m not… like at all. 


THANK YOU for letting me share a little bit of myself here!