How to hide bangs 

how to style bangs

Let’s start this party off by letting you know that I’m not extremely fashionable. Sure, I like girly stuff. Cute hair, a well put together outfit and makeup. I do. But if I’m being honest about it I’m not great at it most of the time. Sometimes I get super lucky and hit one out of the park but I have hardly been trying lately. Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) has made me a bit more lax in this department.

Now that I’m getting more pregnant I feel the need to make an effort in areas where I can. In other words, since clothes don’t fit me I might as well try with my hair and makeup every once in awhile!

Back to the point at hand. Bangs. In Arizona summers bangs are NOT fun. I love my bangs, I really do. But I can’t handle them in my face during the summer so I’ve been looking for fun ways to get them out of the way until it cools off a bit here. These are some of the fun ideas I’ve found!


Cover them with a headband! This is the easiest of them all.

head-scarf with bangsscarf braided into hairheadband over bangs

via 1/2/3







Twisting and pinning is fairly simple as well.

twist bangsfold over bang twist





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These are my favorites but are the hardest to accomplish.

French braid bangs


Side Twist Fishtail Braid







via 1/2

I hope some of these have inspired some new ways to get those bangs out of your face this summer! I know that I’ve needed them all summer and it’s still hot as hades here and will be for awhile.

sig a go








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