Dear Future Baby, 15 weeks

15 week collage -new

How far along: 15 weeks

Gender guess: I’m still team boy for my guess. Brandon firmly wants to believe that it is a girl. McKenna thinks I’m having twins still so when I ask her if she thinks it will be a baby boy or baby girl she responds with “boeff of dem!

How I’m feeling: I have had a lot more pain with this pregnancy but I’m trying to stay positive. I’m going to try to do some yoga that is geared towards children with McKenna this week. I used to do yoga in the mornings before she woke up. Buuuuut let’s be honest… I’m way too tired for that business right now.

Highlight this week: 

Miss anything: I miss being energized. I keep thinking that it will get better and then I’m just as exhausted the next day.

Movement: I think I might have felt something! With McKenna I didn’t feel any movement until 28 weeks due to my placenta placement. I’m really hoping that the feeling I had wasn’t just in my head.

Cravings: Nothing. Food sounds pretty gross most of the time as of late. Every once in awhile I am able to eat a lot, but it really just depends. I had a great breakfast casserole at a Pampered Chef party yesterday. I think I had 3 helpings.

Looking forward to: I have an appointment today!  I have some questions about the pains I’ve been having and whether or not marginal previa of the placenta is likely to be a problem if it was last time. Hopefully I will feel a little better after I get these questions answered.

What Brandon says about the baby: Brandon says “It’s past the zygote stage, riiiight?” < that’s my husband….

What McKenna says about the baby: McKenna wants to give the baby hugs and kisses… and binks of course. Binks = Love for her. Clearly that is something that we need to work on.


Dear future baby,

How come you need to hurt me so?! Ha ok, well you will be worth it. I can’t believe that by January of 2016 we will have you in our arms. It is an amazing thing to think about. We still have no idea where you will sleep after the initial new born stage. We wonder what you will be like. Heck, we wonder if you will be a boy or a girl! We wonder about you all the time. We wonder, and we are struck with awe.

McKenna will love you, there is no doubt. But we also worry about jealousy and how she will handle you coming into her world. I think one of the things that I am most excited for is seeing her with you. Seeing the love in her eyes for you. I know there will be times that you guys fight. But I also know how fiercely you will love each other as siblings. I know because I fiercely love my siblings. It’s gonna be great. I will leave you with that.


Love, your future Mama

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