Dear Future Baby – 11 weeks

DFB framed

How far along: 11 weeks

Gender guess: A boy!

How I’m feeling: So sick to my stomach, but no throwing up.

Highlight this week: Hearing McKenna talk to you in my belly

Miss anything: I’m already missing sushi

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Carbs, carbs and more carbs

Looking forward to: Our next appointment (16 weeks) so that I can hear  your heartbeat again

What Brandon says about the baby: Brandon is mostly just excited but nervous about having a newborn again

What McKenna says about the baby: “I hear heartbeat! And daddy, and mommy too”


Dear future baby,

We love you so much already. Much like with your big sister, I dreamed of this long before you came to be a reality. Last week was rough on me mentally and physically. I’m not getting much sleep, and I’m super nauseous all the time but thinking of you makes it better.

It feels like January is so far away but I know you will be here before we know it. For now, we will prepare for you in any way we can. Your sister is so so excited to meet you and is ready to give you A LOT of love. She mentions hearing your heartbeat several times a day and that happened a few weeks ago!

Love, your future Mama


Thanks for letting me share…

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