13 weeks pregnant

Dear Future Baby – 13 weeks

How far along: 13 weeks

Gender guess: I still think it’s gonna be a boy!

How I’m feeling: I have been less queasy, but when I look at uncooked meat I do want to hurl. I am also getting food aversions like I had with McKenna (meat mostly). Almost all food sounds disgusting. I’ve also been super exhausted – except for one day where I got a ton done around the house. Then the next day I was back to blah.

Highlight this week: I had one day in the last two weeks where I felt energized and was able to get some things crossed off my list. That. Was. Amazing.

Miss anything: This week we hosted a couple for dinner and I watched 3 adults down 3 bottles of wine while I drank an Italian Soda… so wine.

Movement: None yet.

Cravings: Pizza rolls. I watched an episode of Scrubs where Turk had some and that’s all I wanted after that. To be fair, nothing else sounded good.

Looking forward to: It feels like this pregnancy is taking forever, so I’ve already started planning the gender reveal party and I’m super excited for that even though it won’t be until September!

What Brandon says about the baby: Brandon says he’s tired already, lol!

What McKenna says about the baby: McKenna is still obsessed with the heartbeat and wants to tell everyone she sees about it.



Dear future baby,

We are so SO excited for you to be here. Your daddy and I are already starting the good fight over names, and we don’t even know if you are a boy or a girl yet! I personally think you are a boy, and he thinks you are a girl. I refuse to fight over girls names yet because he is SO ridiculous about girls names. Don’t worry, whether you are a boy or a girl I won’t let you get stuck with an awful name 🙂

I’m already scheming the gender reveal party, and we are so thrilled to find out whether you will be a boy or a girl. We don’t really care which you are; we just want to start planning.

McKenna is also super eager to hold you already. She begs to hold our friends’ newborn twins all the time and when we say “no” or “not right now” she looks at my tummy and says “but I get to hold MY baby!” I’m already gearing up for that fun…

So! Be good in my tummy please!

Love, your future Mama


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DFB framed

Dear Future Baby – 11 weeks

How far along: 11 weeks

Gender guess: A boy!

How I’m feeling: So sick to my stomach, but no throwing up.

Highlight this week: Hearing McKenna talk to you in my belly

Miss anything: I’m already missing sushi

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Carbs, carbs and more carbs

Looking forward to: Our next appointment (16 weeks) so that I can hear  your heartbeat again

What Brandon says about the baby: Brandon is mostly just excited but nervous about having a newborn again

What McKenna says about the baby: “I hear heartbeat! And daddy, and mommy too”


Dear future baby,

We love you so much already. Much like with your big sister, I dreamed of this long before you came to be a reality. Last week was rough on me mentally and physically. I’m not getting much sleep, and I’m super nauseous all the time but thinking of you makes it better.

It feels like January is so far away but I know you will be here before we know it. For now, we will prepare for you in any way we can. Your sister is so so excited to meet you and is ready to give you A LOT of love. She mentions hearing your heartbeat several times a day and that happened a few weeks ago!

Love, your future Mama


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Sloan's Colors Quiet Book

Sloan’s quiet book

I love making presents for people whenever possible. Adults are a lot harder because they usually want something specific or that is outside my DIY realm. Littles are by far the easiest to make homemade gifts for!

This little quiet book is one that I made for my niece Sloan when she turned 1. I love that she can practice her colors and shapes with this book. The shapes can all be lifted off, so it starts out with the shapes on a page near the back. She c an then move them to the correct corresponding page!

She is already almost 2 years old and I never got pictures of her with it, yikes! We took some time  playing with it last week and I snuck a few photos. Since I get to watch these two nieces once a week it wasn’t too hard. Getting my daughter and her older sister to leave her alone while she played with it was another story!

Rainbow and Red page

On the first page I made a simple rainbow shape out of (most of) the colors of the rainbow.

On the second page I sewed a rectangle of red and cut out a simple apple shape.

Orange and Yellow page

On the third page I sewed a rectangle of orange and cut out a little fishy shape.

On the fourth page I sewed a rectangle of yellow and cut out a fun sun shape.

Green and Blue page

On the fifth page I sewed a rectangle of green and cut out a leaf shape.

On the sixth page I sewed a rectangle of blue and cut out a butterfly shape.

Purple and object page

On the seventh page I sewed a rectangle of purple and cut out a little flower shape.

On the eighth page is where all of the shapes can live if they aren’t on their color coordinated page.

Crayon and Note card page

At the end of the book I added a half pocket for some blank index cards and an insert for 4 crayons. Miss Sloan loves to scribble so I knew this would be a hit. I hope that they can get some use out of it when they go out to eat or just need some peace and quiet!

A little about how I made it:

The book is almost entirely made of felt. The only other materials used were ribbons for the binding. I made the shapes by hand drawing the simplest objects possible and cutting them from felt.  I added velcro to the shapes so that they could be moved around.  To make the pages I used four large pieces of felt folded in half rather than 8 pages. This decision was made because I’m lazy, so I chose the easiest path possible.  After I got the permanent details sewn onto each page (the colored rectangles and velcro) I used a zig zag stitch along the edges to sew the pages together and finish it off. I made 2 button holes in the center of each double page and fed the ribbons through to tie it off. Prior to sewing the pages together I added the pocket for the index cards. The last thing I did was add crayon holders at the end of the book by sewing a few small lines on a pocket to separate each of them. It looks a little wonky but Sloan has never complained! 😉

IMG_5458     IMG_5474     IMG_5470

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