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I’ve been working on getting this blog here going for awhile. It’s time to give up on being ready and especially on trying to make things perfect lol. While I truly hope that I can share things here that will inspire others I need this for me first.

I’m not going to get into it now but I lean towards depression unless I actively fight it. I have a wonderful life and I am so grateful for everything that I have and all that I have experienced.

Here’s a little bit about me – some random and some not

  • I’m 32 years old
  • I’m in love with pumpkin ANYTHING
  • My husband and I got married 46 hours after engagement 
  • When I was a kid I ran into the corner of a wall and had to get stitches on my forehead. Then a week or so later I did it again and had to get stitches  again. I have a scar like Harry Potter but not nearly as cool.
  • My favorite color is purple but I don’t use it in home decor and only have a few purple tops.
  • I graduated high school a year early
  • I have a beautiful, sassy 2 year old girl named McKenna 
  • There is no understanding people who don’t like chocolate
  • When I was a kid I was painfully shy. I hid under my bed for an hour once when my mom invited her friend and her friends daughter over so that I wouldn’t have to hang out
  • My dream car is a burnt orange 350z (which I owned at one time – oh how I miss that car)
  • I wasn’t a big TV person until I had my daughter. At which point I started binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu while breastfeeding. 

Obviously there is a lot more to me than just this stuff but it’s a start! I am still working on getting things ready but hopefully things will be up and running before I know it! Thanks for checking me out!


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