4 perks to home renting!

4 perks to home renting

We have another guest post from Niki today.  This time about the perks to home renting! I’m really excited for this because…. we sold our house! Our house was on the market for 8 days and we got 3 offers and accepted one on Sunday morning – eeeek! The close date is flexible and they would like to get their hands on our house as soon as they can which means we need to find a rental ASAP! We are looking and put in an application that we hope to hear back soon from. Now I’m getting excited to think about all the perks of home rental while we take our time to decide exactly what and where we want to buy.

Hi, I’m Niki- full time Mama extraordinary to two boys three and under and a lifetime educator. My husband and I operate a small business out of our home, always an adventure with little ones running about! I’m not much for crafting, but I can coax a literate essay out of a 10th grader, make a mean apple pie and pack up a 2,000 sq ft home in less than a week, while balancing a kid on each hip!

So, you’re about to rent a home and you’re wondering what you’re getting into. I’ve owned and rented and feel at peace in the place we’re in now, as happy renters. Three rental homes (and countless lousy college apartments) in, here’s a list of what I wish I knew then that you can know now. Renting comes with some perks that aren’t often talked about.

 Perk 1

Perk 1-  never having to fix ANYTHING. If you find a rental with a great landlord, you’ll never have to lift a hammer or worry about the AC going out. In our current home, we’ve had new custom screens put on all the windows, our garbage disposal replaced, and exterminators and landscapers out. All at no cost to us, and within 24 hours of need arising. We have an amazing landlord and searched to find him. it makes all the difference, but getting it down in the lease and making sure you’re on the same page before signing is SO important. Plus, many landlords will give you sweet perks if you want to renew when a lease is up, like free carpet cleaning. Also, landlords can be talked into sweet little extras, like paying for the air and water filters. It sounds silly, but not having to pay for those is oddly satisfying.

 perk 2

Perk 2- Extra money doesn’t go to the house. When we owned a home, it felt like we were always saving up for something for the house- whether it was improving the pool, the yard, or redecorating. That doesn’t happen here. Extra time and money now goes to fun stuff, like our kids or date nights.  

 perk 3

Perk 3- choose your own adventure. Renting is fun because you get to try on neighborhoods and the idea of being somewhere. Renting affords you the adventure of trying somewhere new on for size. Interested in a new family friendly neighborhood, but not sure if the area is right? Rent, and if you don’t like it, you can move on, you love it, put a ring on it and renew the lease. Renting is like dating- you can decide how much of a commitment to make. Also, you get the luxury of portability. Home ownership is tough in that you’re stuck somewhere, but renting offers the flexibility of going ANYWHERE. Yes, you sign a lease, but you get to decide how long and it’s a hell of a lot easier to get out of a lease than a mortgage if need be- believe me, I speak from experience!

 perk 4

Perk 4-  This may seem silly, but I love it- the “I’m a renter” excuse. Walk past the cable guy at Costco, trying to get you to sign up, the landscaper knocking at the door, begging for business, the telemarketers trying to sell you on home phone. Maybe it’s just me, but I hate being mean to these people, but I can now genuinely say, I rent, I can’t deal with those decisions and I’m honestly shutting them down.

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